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  • Empresa Ink Aviation
  • Fecha de Publicación 20/06/2017
  • Localización Alicante
  • Tipo de Práctica Jornada Completa
  • Tipo de Salario No remunerada
  • Titulación Developer


One of our products is HAWB.com - a Cloud Platform used by multiple couriers. This mission-critical system has been organically developed over many years on a LAMP Stack. The product's user base will be growing at an ever-increasing rate. Although its data architecture is solid, there is room for significant improvement in the application layer. As with any application that has been developed over many years, it suffers from some problems:
● Outdated technology choice, ripe for replacement with new frameworks
● A variety of coding styles and practises
● Numerous areas that would benefit from optimisation
● No MVC separation
● Antiquated / unstructured CSS
● Overly large classes
● Not written for responsive rendering
● Very limited documentation (but class, method and variable naming mirror real-life entities)
We are looking for a talented developer to take the lead in reinvigorating this platform. You will work with another developer with full domain and subject-matter knowledge. But together you both will set a new technological course to take development into 2017 and beyond.
There will be a strong element of refactoring and making code that functions better and faster. You will use ingenuity and imagination to solve unique problems. You will need to be analytical to find root causes of issues. The ideal candidate will take ownership of (not blame for) problems, regardless of the cause.
A calm demeanour will help, as will the ability to function under pressure. Issues affecting system availability must be resolved quickly - it is exhilarating but important work.

Se Ofrece

  • Tipo de Industria Informatica
  • Departamento Developer
  • Nivel PHP Developer
  • Número de Vacantes 1
  • Horario 0900-1700
  • Incorporación Inmediata
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